Race report – Tannenbaum 10k

Race Date: December 2, 2012

I heard about this race from one of my friends where else, but on Facebook. I thought that it sounded like fun, so when Mike asked if I was interested in running it, I said sure! My running peeps and I were planning on doing a 10k run that day anyway, so we decided we might as well have some fun and do it in a race!

I’ve only run one other 10k. My very first race over a year ago was the Toronto Women’s 10k, which is an out and back run through Sunnybrook Park.

The Tannenbaum 10k is a small community race with less than 700 runners total but I was pretty excited about it. This would be the first time that all of my regular training buddies were participating in the same race!

As with every race, I had 2 goals. My A goal was 1:05:00. My B goal was to get a new PB. My PB at that point was 1:09:33.

Race day was rainy with a temperature of about 9c so I decided on short sleeves, a running skirt and arm warmers that I could take off once I got going. We met up with my training buddies at a local Starbuck’s before making the 5 minute walk down to the race. It was wet and windy but luckily it wasn’t too cold. We found shelter and tried to keep dry and out of the wind. We waited as long as we could before heading over to the start line.

Tannenbaum 10k

The best running peeps ever!

I was so happy to start this race with my peeps! I couldn’t ask for a better support group than these ladies. My plan was to start out as a group and we did. But right out of the gate, there was a group of runners that we were stuck behind and I felt like I was going to trip over them so at my first opportunity, I went around them. And then I had no choice but to keep going.

I ran at a consistent pace throughout the entire race. It was an out and back, so as people got to the turnaround point, I was able to see them on their way back. I’ve never seen so many familiar faces in a race! I must have counted 10-15 people that I waved at as they went by, not to mention a few others that were not in the race but were running the route for fun, or out on the course cheering us on. Just past the 5k mark I had a sharp pain in the front of my left knee for a few strides but thankfully it went away.

Coming up to the finish line I saw a group of our friends on the side of the course with some extra encouragement and I managed to give Mike a big high-five as I ran by.  I saw the clock at the line was reading around 1:06:00 (gun time). I knew then that I had my PB but wasn’t sure if my chip time would give me my A goal of 1:05:00. As I crossed the finish line, I stopped my Garmin and walked over to get my medal. I looked down at my Garmin and saw the time of 1:05:26. I had missed my A goal by about 26 seconds. I quickly went to find our group and got there just in time to cheer on my running peeps as they were coming in!

All in all I had a fantastic time at this race. I loved the small feel of it, and that I got to share it with Mike and so many of the friends I have made through running, and I absolutely LOVED that I got to share it with my running peeps!

Official Time: 1:05:27

Tannenbaum 10k Medal