Around the Bay training begins

Well, I’m officially training for my first 30k race! It feels pretty amazing to be upping the ante after running 3 half marathons.

January started off pretty rocky. I had a bronchial infection that started in late December and lasted for about 3 full weeks. I had no cardio capacity at all which meant very minimal running. When the infection began to subside, I started having a terrible pain in my left side rib area from all the coughing I had been doing and ended up in the emergency room after I ran 5k on January 8th that ended in excruciating pain. The diagnosis was muscular pain that was being aggravated by breathing heavier when I ran. I was advised not to run until there was no more pain.

That was not what I wanted to hear when training was officially beginning the next day! Following doctors orders I took a few days off. No running for the rest of the week in the hopes that I could run the first LSD of the training schedule that Sunday.

Sunday came. The group was running 13k. I didn’t want to push it, so I decided to set out with the ladies but keep it to 6k. When I turned off from the group at 3k to run back, I realized I was feeling pretty good so I decided to go a little further… and a little further. The further I went, the further I wanted to go, so I kept extending my route on the fly and in the end ran 11k that day! No cardio issues and minimal rib pain. I was back and feeling great!

Winter running

Since then, training has been going pretty great. We’ve run in all sorts of weather. From -20c to +10c. Winter running doesn’t always look pretty on the outside, but it feels absolutely amazing on the inside! I’m doing pretty good getting most of the runs in. The LSD runs on Sundays have been ramping up pretty quickly which is another change from training for a half marathon. It’s only been 3 weeks and we’re already up to 16k!

So far all my body parts are feeling good. I’m trying to get better at remembering to stretch after a run. From what I’ve heard, as the runs get longer, the foam roller will become my new best friend.

February’s challenges:

  1. Trying to get all my scheduled runs in during a five day trip to Miami
  2. LSDs that are longer than any run I have ever done. Ever.

Being a goals driven girl, I think I’m up for the challenge!



A new year, a new goal

2012 was a good year for me. I ran races in the 5k, 10k, 15k and half marathon distances and achieved a personal best in each one. Of course, it was also a year of learning. What would life be if you weren’t always learning along the way?

I ran two half marathons in 2012. One that I trained hard for, and one that, due to injury, my training was spotty at best. What I learned most of all was that training is THE most important part of a goal race. The race is a result of the training you put in. Through training for my third half marathon (my second in 2012), I trained hard and began enjoying the training even more than I had ever done before. I was doing most of the training runs by myself, I was running all the hills and speed training alone and I was loving it! I could see the results a good training cycle rewards you with. I was getting noticeably faster. Finally! And I was rewarded with a race that I was proud of, taking a full 20 minutes off my personal best!

My training in 2012 has given me the confidence to go to the next level and so, in 2013 I am focusing on increasing my distance. My ultimate goal is a full marathon which I’m hoping to run in Chicago in 2014, but leading up to that, this year’s goal is to run Around The Bay. A 30k race. The oldest road race in North America. “Older than Boston” as their tagline says. Race day is March 24, 2013.

Training begins in one week. I get nervous just thinking about it. Deciding to do this race raises the bar in many ways. I will be running with the big kids in the full marathon clinic which is a group of people I have met through the run club but have never run with. It’s running longer training runs. Some runs will be longer than I’ve ever attempted before and they’re just training runs! It’s very intimidating for me and so far outside of my comfort zone I can’t even describe the knots in my stomach. But I am fortunate enough to be going through this part of my journey with my running peeps; the ladies that I have been running with for a year and a half now. The best support group anyone could ask for. We’ll be running this race together. Our goal – to finish it upright and smiling.

After that we’ll see where the rest of the year takes us…


The start of last year’s Around The Bay