Multi-tasking and training

On September 8th I ran the B&O Yorkville 5k. The second in a series of 5k races that I have planned for this season. My goal – 30 minutes. It would mean taking more than 2 minutes off my time from the MEC 5k just 6 weeks earlier. But, I went into this race with a confidence that I didn’t have in the previous one taking with me a little more experience, some great coaching, tons of advice and a race plan.

Race day was pretty perfect. It was a sunny morning with the temperature hovering at about 17c. I ran with 100% focus, keeping my mind on the race and pushing myself as hard as I could. And yet, despite all my hard training and giving it everything I had, I still came up short by 47 seconds. Crossing the finish line and looking at my Garmin was a bitter-sweet moment. More bitter than sweet. My time was 30:47. B&OI had run a PB, taking 1:15 off my last race in July but I missed my ultimate goal for this year. The 30 minute 5k.

I went home and did the only thing I could do. I dissected every second of my run trying to figure out where I could have done better. How I could have taken another 47 seconds off my time. I came to the conclusion that I just need to keep working at it. Working at my pacing, my cardio, my speed. Putting it all together in a winning combination.

Immediately after the B&O I had to start training for the Hamilton half marathon which is on November 3rd. As it was, it was going to be an abbreviated training schedule. I still have one more 5k race to train for as well which takes place on October 27th. I’ve tried to keep both of these races in mind as I continue with the speed training while increasing the long run distances and focusing on my overall performance in every single workout. I’ve had to juggle some of the longer runs to allow a bit of a rest before the 5k but things seem to be going well. I’m pretty pleased with the results so far. I’m definitely noticing some positive changes that I hope will be reflected in my upcoming races.

The next couple weeks will be more balancing as I take a step-back week on my long run in preparation for the 3rd and final 5k race this season which is a replay of the MEC 5k I did in July.

My goal remains 30 minutes. I’m a little stubborn that way.



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