We’re almost there

It’s 40 more sleeps until marathon day and I’ve just finished the longest, and hardest run I’ve ever had to endure.

A 32 km run which turned into a 33 km run thanks to a missed turn, in 33 celsius temperatures (that’s just over 91 fahrenheit). Not my idea of fun but absolutely necessary in order to keep with the training schedule. My Chicago Marathon training buddies and I spent what felt like an eternity fighting off countless negative thoughts, at times talking ourselves out of jumping in a cab or hopping on a bus and calling it a day. We walked a ton more than we normally would (did I mention it was hot?), and it wasn’t until our Garmins registered 32 km and we had hit our goal did we get any sort of spring into our step, and incredibly, that last km (km 33), was the strongest km of the whole run. Of course that may also be in part because of the splash pad that appeared at km 32 like a godsend. That cold water felt so refreshing for the minute we dunked our heads in it.

photo (8)

I’ve spent the last 24 hours reflecting on that run. Talking to my training buddies, listening to advice from some of my friends who are multi-marathoners and I think I’m really ready to take on the marathon challenge set before us almost 2 years ago. Or at least I will be on October 12th.

Health-wise, my back has started to act up a little again. I’m not sure why but I’ll give it a few days and if it doesn’t improve I will make an extra trip to the physiotherapist. But other than that I’m feeling great. Mentally, I’m already starting to experience some of the pre-race crazies. Obsessing over everything race related (sorry guys). Corral assignments have been published and we’re just waiting for bib numbers now.

This week is a bit of a step-back week for mileage so I’m going to enjoy the break. I’m running a 5k race this Sunday (only because I loved this race last year), but not expecting to race it too hard and making up the daily mileage by going out for another 18 km run later in the day – always keeping Chicago top of mind. After that, there’s two more long runs before the taper starts.

Wow! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now.